Selling and buying physical products is a common activity. But there are many other kinds of services that people require also, such as SEO, copywriting, website development and much more. It is important for companies to be able sell all of these services online because it allows them to reach more clients and make more money.

Companies are also increasingly offering services that don’t have a physical component like coaching or performance consulting. These kinds of services are difficult to sell because they can be subjective and require more time to understand. It is crucial to market this type of service because it is extremely beneficial for customers.

The amount of people without internet access has drastically decreased in the last 10 years, however, 3 billion people are without it. Access to digital services could result in being shut out of information as well as education and social networks that the majority of humanity considers to be a given. It can also hamper access to health services and other government services.

We discovered that demographic variables like gender, age social class, socioeconomic standing, and levels of participation were associated with perceived benefits of online services for social and health care. However, ICT-related variables were the most consistent in association with benefits (ie accessibility, accessibility, abilities to use, and amount of use). Self-rated poor health is always associated with lower perceptions for all examined benefits.