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Intercourse Diaries series
asks unknown urban area dwellers to tape weekly inside their intercourse life — with comic, tragic, typically beautiful, and constantly revealing effects. Recently, a 46-year-old divorced guy with a married female lover: longer Island, divorced, directly.

time ONE

4:30 a.m.

Monday wake-up for work — I’m wanting to begin the few days. I always been very self-disciplined in my professional existence.

5 a.m.

I’m currently eager for Saturday, but damn, its just Monday. I’m a-year . 5 taken off a loveless wedding (five good years, combined between 15 horrific ones). Leslie is my enthusiast — she is nevertheless inside her loveless relationship, and she’s young ones. Our company is both 46. We had been outdated fires and reconnected after twenty five years through my personal cousin. We’ve been seeing one another about every a couple weeks for the past eight months. Occasionally we spend the weekend with each other and sometimes it’s just each and every day; on the weekend we only get the time. We started out as buddies acquiring reacquainted and have now fallen deeply in love with both.

6:01 a.m.

I’m prepared get my day running with a Venti level white with two added shots.

6:15 a.m.

At your workplace. I’m a hour manager for a big uniform-distribution organization; I handle all facets in the business, and I also match more of a general-manager character. But I Cannot whine. It really is a living.

7 a.m.

Get my regular
good-morning book
from Leslie. She actually is every thing … caring and nurturing, smart and self-confident. She knows how to create me be more confident after a rough day and she leaves a whole lot thought into making certain i’m successful. She has become my personal best friend. We like most of the same situations. Maybe its our get older, but we’re at a point in which life is too-short to not end up being happy.

11:15 a.m.

Leslie and I text the whole day and explore sets from the elements to activities, but constantly result in some kind of sexual tone, that helps myself go the full time in a sometimes exceedingly boring time.

10:30 p.m.

I am preparing for sleep and, as always, have fun with myself personally while rereading mine and Leslie’s texts or replaying a cell phone talk during my head.

DAY a couple

5:15 a.m.

Exact same shit, different day. Leslie is actually likely to leave the woman partner by end of summertime, in addition, but she don’t move around in with me however because kids will need to transition. The two of us know.

7:30 a.m.

My early morning book from Leslie is more intimate than usual. She’s feeling naughty. Over the last eight months she actually is reached understand my likes and dislikes and that I hers. We like to relax and play, and sexting has grown to become element of our program; she says something you should get my engine running … we dominant/submissive roles. She likes once I inform the lady i shall spank their as soon as we’re collectively, and she knows I love whenever she reacts, «Yes, my personal master.» I usually had this type of dream, but was never in a position to really meet it; as Leslie and I started connecting, it stumbled on light many. (perhaps i really could have paid someone to fulfill it but that’s just not me personally.) Fuck, i can not hold off till Saturday.

12:30 p.m.

Leslie texts and calls me personally the woman «master.» She is thus hot. I love when she sweats. How this lady human anatomy smells whenever she is been perspiring drives me personally insane. Then when she gets of Zumba nowadays she’ll let me know how flushed she had gotten and that I will ask their so that me smell their, you start with her legs and working my personal way-up. To which she replies, «Yes, my personal grasp.» She claims I kind of have a foot fetish. Perhaps it could be real.

3:30 p.m.

Leslie sexts me to say she smells fantastic and too terrible I can’t smell her right now. She understands just how getting a rise out-of myself. This is exactly element of our very own fantasy role-playing. And she completes along with her standard «Master, I will be ready and a woman while I see you …» Oh, she’s great.

5:30 p.m.

After yelling at folks and managing union negotiations (I hate unions), I’m spent and ready to manage NY website traffic. Leslie calls and talks with me to simply help me go the hour-and-a-half-long drive time. The discussion concludes with exactly how she can not hold off having me personally inside her lips and just how good it feels once I’m inside this lady. Before I know it, i am residence.

10:45 p.m.

Lying in bed seeing a rerun of


and masturbating while I reread texts and don’t forget all of our telephone dialogue. (Damn, I neglect Leslie.)

time THREE

11 a.m.

Leslie and that I text as to what we are going to carry out whenever we see each other. I text her: «i am going to switch you around, extract the hair do straight back, and draw on the neck and spank thereon butt in order to remind you that you participate in myself.» She replies: «Yes kindly my personal master.»

6 p.m.

Out having beverages and dinner with certainly one of my personal favorite cousins. She requires basically think Leslie is performing the woman husband during the week and myself from the weekends, after which we argue and I call her a bitch. Leslie would not accomplish that.

9 p.m.

Ultimately house and still steaming at my cousin, but i cannot assist but question if it’s correct. Guys do everything the time. Exactly what the hell makes me personally imagine a woman won’t? But i am aware this can be different. She really likes me personally and really wants to end up being beside me. Fuck, I appear to be every Lifetime made-for-tv flick.

9:45 p.m.

We text Leslie to help ease my brain. (i am this type of a pussy occasionally.) We a sexy talk and I fool around with myself personally while we book. She’s little idea about my tension.


6:15 a.m.

Starbucks for my personal typical order. The barista is sexy and flirtatious — I’m sure its for a tip, plus it worked. (Again, occasionally I’m such a pussy.)

1:30 p.m.

I am texting with Leslie non-stop. In the middle the most common sexting, we speak somewhat about our very own future and being collectively. Leslie lives two hours upstate. We usually make intentions to fulfill inside the area, where I get united states a hotel area. But this time around she actually is merely going to in which we reside.

5 p.m.

Operating residence contained in this visitors gives me personally plenty of time to mirror. We wonder if any person where you work suspects the hour manager is living out his Master dream with an attractive submissive.

10 p.m.

After claiming good-night to Leslie we see just a bit of soft porn on my apple ipad (psychological note: erase mind on iPad before financing it to mommy). Play with myself personally while thinking about Leslie and move off to sleep. Often I’ll text her the woman name in limits so she understands I happened to be jacking off planning on the girl.



6:30 a.m.

It is monday and I’m seeing Leslie tomorrow. Give thanks to God, as well, because i am therefore horny.

8 a.m.

Leslie texts that she actually is frazzled from playing around obtaining kids prepared for class along with getting ready to see me. She understands i am specific about appearance — I like their to shave her vagina and gown nicely, with heels.

4 p.m.

So why do individuals have becoming such idiots on a monday, right before «getting put» day? Cannot they are aware I’m getting some tomorrow? No factor.

10 p.m.

Leslie and I finalize intends to see both tomorrow. We never masturbate a single day before i will see Leslie thus I can be certain to perform at maximum degree. We hold thinking just what she will use during sex — Leslie normally dresses in hot underwear for me personally.

12:30 a.m.

I can not sleep. Imagining what Leslie smells like and everything we’ll be doing. But i must react and can’t reach my self. Consider I better require some melatonin and attempt to get some good sleep.

time SIX

8 a.m.

Your day is actually at long last here. Leslie lets myself understand she is creating certain prevents on the way. I am pissed because it implies less time together.

2:30 p.m.

Leslie ultimately arrives. It always takes a few momemts to reconnect, but before very long I’m the removal of her boots, intoxicated from the odor of her feet (perhaps i really do have a fetish) and dealing my way-up. She tastes so great, also it drives the woman insane when my tongue is inside this lady. We ask the girl, «Whose cunt is this?» And advise this lady that she belongs to me. She wants when I take over the girl and she actually is a phenomenal sub. We chat dirty, which ends up together coming everywhere. I-come inside this lady at the end therefore feels incredible. Thank God she’s fixed or she’d surely end up being expecting at this point.

5 p.m.

Lying-in bed keeping one another, dealing with just how fantastic gender ended up being. We an uncontrollable attraction. Kissing the girl and inhaling the woman aroma is actually my personal idea of nirvana.

6 p.m.

Time for you to wake up and deal with real life. We all know we are going to need to say good-bye during the day.

11 p.m.

Leslie has obtained residence safe and is handling her obligations. She helps to keep claiming she can not wait become mine completely.

time SEVEN

10 a.m.

Church. I just be sure to clean completely all nasty, dirty, hot gender from time before at the very least for one hour.

1 p.m.

Taking into consideration the on the next occasion as well as how it will likely be another a couple weeks before I see Leslie once more. I would like her. Not just because i like screwing this lady and she’s great in bed, but because she becomes me personally and we also have this crazy physical and mental link that ended getting a simple event several months ago.

8 p.m.

Leslie and that I explore me personally transferring nearer to their so we could be together much more. The distance and witnessing each other every a couple of weeks sucks. I will be seeking an apartment.

10 p.m.

Bedtime: Leslie kept myself the woman underwear under my pillow plus they smell remarkable. I beginning to remember the last day and finish my personal week down by jacking off into the woman underwear.